Reñaca Natural Park North / Rencoret and Rüttimann Architecture and Landscape

Landscape architects: Rencoret and Rüttimann Architecture and Landscape – Cecilia Rencoret Rios, Carla Rüttimann Curtze

Architect partner: Beatriz Majluf Adauy
Location: Coastal Path Reñaca – Concon, V Region
Area: 13,500 m2
Area intervened: 9,000 m2
Project Year: 2005
Year Built: 2006
Predominant materials: treated wood
Species: Carpobrutus aequilaterus, Baccharis concave, Stipa caudata, Bahia ambrosioides, Eryngium paniculate, Puya chilensis Puya venustas, Haplopapus foliosus.

The coastal dunes of central Chile are original from the point of view of their morphology and from the flora and fauna they support.This landscape was generated in the Quaternary period, about 25 million years. The particularity of this dune field is that is formed by ancient sand dunes “hung” on marine terraces that are separated by a rocky cliff. In its geological aspect, are considered a single site involved in their training because climatic factors, petrographic, hydrographic, topographic, oceanic and phytogeography are unplayable today.