Sensational Park in Italy by Nabito Architects and Partners

project info:

client: frosinone’s municipality
authors: alessandra faticanti architetto, roberto ferlito architetto,
luca faicanti architetto, damiano bauco ingegnere, gianluca sanita agronomo
collaborators: davide fois, lucio altana, joanna rodriquez noyola,
agita putnina, furio sordini
contractor: EDILCM

The five human senses are the main theme of the space in which materials and vegetation are related to them.The Goal Of the project is to invite users to a path in which scene are always changing. You will have the sensation to discover always different spaces but with the same kind of characteristics. The Five Human senses are the main theme of the space; the material and the vegetation will be related to them .The user will not have an entire look over the park, but he will do a series of different experiences. The variation of high and inclination, dimensional games are some of the ludic peculiarity of the Park. We use the senses as a big metaphor. We use senses to relate ourselves with surroundings and other people. We would like to give a gift to the city: a relational space in a no one land without any relevant fisical and social context.

 aiming to provide a relational space that fills in the existing social void in a playful, sensorial and interactive manner, the park is the starting point to a masterplan to renew the housing neighbourhood. conceived as a ‘personal living room in a public realm’, the park features both artificial and natural elements that stimulate the five human sense in a sequential manner.the garden is planted with a variety of different materials and vegetation to relate to a metaphor of the space. the ground level changes in elevation, with a network of winding pathways defining an arrangement of conic protrusions. the walkway encourages visitors to take in the park in parts, incorporating a sense of discovery to the experience.


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