Prize-winning Ephemeral Roof Exchange design abounds green technology

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Seeking to bring Hong Kong, Macao and Zhuhai together via an interactive connection point, the Ephemeral Roof Exchange design by architects Steven MaWendy Fok and Dominik Strzelec won second place at the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Hong Kong Bridge Facilities International Competition for the Open Group. The competition also featured several entries from some influential design-houses. The three-point access system touted in the initial blueprints of design brings in a whole lot of renewable energy technologies to the maritime transportation facility.

Where you could see some solar photovoltaic louvers, tilted southwards for maximum sun exposure, at the Hong Kong/Kowloon exchange entrance, a hydro collective system for balancing humidity, collecting rainwater and generating hydropower for cooling the guest arena is settled at the Hong Kong/Macao/Zhuhai terminal. The third, characteristically green technology i.e. piezoelectric system provides for a self-sustaining energy system covering the entire site. The system embeds itself into the asphalt and landscaping for utilizing sound and vehicles-generated vibrations and creates substantial energy for the exchange.



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