Landscape Condenser. Yecla, Murcia

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As a proposal for a multi-use building in Yecla, Murcia – a region in Spain known for it’s production of grain, wine, oil, and fruit – Andres Jaque Arquitectoshas designed a building with distinct sections of green roof, each suited for a different crop. In addition to being an extension of the surrounding landscape, the sectionalized roof-crops offer a precursor to the future of vegetative buildings. Considering that different components of buildings – roof, wall, floor – have specifically constructed variations in size, shape, and orientation, it is easy to associate their form with that of the naturally occurring landscape of a given environment. Where certain species of flora require flat, shallow troughs of land to grow, a flat roof may be suitable. However, if certain species are able to adapt to a steep incline, walls or a pitched roof may be accommodating. The natural variations in building form could also be used to limit or maximize exposure to the elements. Plants that need large quantities of sunlight to grow can be placed with a southernly exposure, whereas more sensitive crops could be shielded from too much light by a carefully placed pitched roof. The topography of a landscape has as much to do with species growth as that of the climate. As designers begin to reproduce and incorporate elements of nature into the built environment, careful consideration of all aspects of locale should be considered.

A multifunctional building in Yecla, Murcia (Spain), dubbed Landscape Condenser tends to wring various landscapes of the region into a single edifice. Conceived by Spanish firm Andres Jaque Architects, the building will feature a huge green roof for producing grain, wine, oil and fruit, bordering on the agricultural spirit of the region. There will be various dedicated sections for growing various crops and plants on the green roof itself.


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